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Build Your Own Clone (2005)

The TS808 is without a doubt the most popular overdrive circuit ever. SRV may have been the first to make it famous, but he didn't do half as much for the pedal's notoriety as the hundreds of thousands of overdrives to come out afterwards that were really just clones of the TS808. 99.9% of all the overdrives out there, both boutique and mass produced, are either a straight up clone of the TS808 or a modified version of it.

The screamer clone kit comes with everything you need to build a complete pedal to the exact specs of the TS808 including the JRC4558D op amp. It also comes with a mod kit that contains extra parts to do some of the mods that are the most popular to perform on the TS808 circuit so you can add that "boutique" tone.

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