Build Your Own Clone Ranger Clone


Build Your Own Clone (2005)

If you only build one pedal in your lifetime, do yourself a favor and build this one. This is the absolute easiest build there is and for some reason, the boutique versions seem to cost more then any other pedal.

The Rangemaster was made famous by players like Eric Clapton, Tonni Iomi, and Brian May by slamming the front end of their amps to get their signature tones. But it's also great to put in front of other distortions, fuzzes, and overdrives to give them more gain, or put it at the end of your chain and use it as a simple solo boost.

Comes with the CV7003 germanium transistor. These were made for the military as a replacement for the OC44. They are more durable and reliable than the OC44, but sound every bit as good.

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