Build Your Own Clone Divided Octave


Build Your Own Clone

  • 100% exact clone of the original Mutron Octave Divider
  • Uses all the exact same semi-conductors (chips, transistors, diodes) as the original
  • 1% metal film resistors and Panasonic film caps used throughout
  • Uses a standard 9VDC 2.5mm negative tip guitar fx power supply but still have a bipolar 18v power supply thanks to the MAX1044 Charge Pump chip
  • Yes, it has the Ringer feature
  • Yes, it has the Stabilizer feature
  • Yes, it has an auxiliary output
  • Yes, it has the Bass Only footswitch
  • Unlike the original, this pedal is true bypass. Even the auxiliary output is true bypass. So there's no tone loss when in bypass
  • House in a 1610NS enclosure so it's much smaller than the original
  • Built on a rugged professionally made PCB

Build Your Own Clone

Before there was the P.O.G., there was the Mutron Octave Divider.  It had an octave down, an octave up, and a dry mix.  We took the Mutron Octave Divider and keep the circuit 100% original, but added some improvements.  The BYOC Divided Octave is housed in a 1610 size enclosure, so it's much smaller than the original.  We've replaced the wall plug and noisy AC power transformer with the MAX1044 charge pump so that the BYOC Divided Octave can be powered with a standard 9VDC power supply, but still provide the circuit with a bipolar power supply for all the headroom and range of the original.  And last but not least, we made it true bypass.  Even the auxiliary output has true bypass.

Aside from those improvements, the BYOC Divided Octave is 100% true to the original.  We didn't make any modifications or cut any corners.  The BYOC Divided Octave comes with all the exact same chips and transistors that were used in the original.  It has the mix and tone knob.  It has the "ringer", "stabilize", and "bass only" switches and it has the auxiliary output.  And it also has all the tone of the original, but without the $600+ price tag.

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