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Build Your Own Clone

The high prices of boutique versions, the inadequate reissues, the pantheons of rock legends who've used it, and the relatively easy build has have made the fuzz face one of the most popular pedals among DIYers.

The kit comes to the exact specs of the original Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face circuit, but has a few extras that make this the ultimate fuzz face clone. For starters, the pedal is negatively grounded as opposed to the traditional positive grounding that causes havoc with your AC power supply... not a problem here. The kit also comes with TWO sets of hand selected and matched NOS european made transistors: The silicon BC108 and germanium AC127 (NPN version of the AC128 and NKT275). With 2 gold plated transistor sockets, you can easily experiment with different pure germanium, pure silicon, or hybrid transistor combinations to find your ultimate fuzz tone. And the bias resistor has been replaced with an internal trimpot so you can dial in the perfect characteristic to your fuzz - anything from smooth, woolly, and sustaining to raspy, nasty and gated.

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