Build Your Own Clone Armstrong Twin


Build Your Own Clone

The greenringer is a very simple little octaver effect that sounds great. The orangesqueezer is a very simple compressor that sounds great too. Why not combine them in one pedal? The BYOC Armstrong Twin has a three way rotary switch. In position # 1, the LED status light will be orange and the effect will be in compressor mode. This will give you a very squishy compression with just a hint of distortion that gives it a very warm tone. The 3-way toggle switch allows you to select between fast, normal, and slow attack. In postion #2, the LED status light will turn green and the effect will be in octave mode. This will give you an octave up/ringmod effect. In position #3, the LED status light will turn blue. This will give you both the compressor and octave effects in series.

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