Build Your Own Clone 855 Drive


Build Your Own Clone

Do you like the Tubescreamer, but wish it had more gain, less mids, and more low end? If so, you'll love the BYOC 855 Drive Kit.

The 855 Drive Kit is based on the Ibanez OD855, which is a close cousin of the TS808. While the 855 and 808 circuits have many similarities, the 855 is much more than just a modified Tubescreamer.

The BYOC 855 Drive is a nearly spot on recreation of the original. It has the 4558D chip, 1N60 Germanium diodes, and tantalum caps used in the same places as the original. The only difference between the BYOC kit and the original is that we've upgraded the quality of all the resistors and many of the capacitors, and replaced the FET bypass circuit with True Mechanical Bypass.

The originals are now selling for ridiculous amounts of money. The BYOC 855 Drive Kit gives you a chance to try out the other legendary Ibanez overdrive for a fraction of the cost.

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