Big White Monkey Amps Analog Delay


Big White Monkey Amps

You are looking at our take on the Ibanez AD9 of the 1980's, not the reissue. Like the Ibanez it features a compander with pre and de-emphasis to give you a really clean delay with times from 20ms to 500ms, we use the SA571N, and the PT2399 chip gives you a real lo-fi analog stretching and crisp echo.

Like nearly all delays this is not a true analogue pedal, it goes through an op chip and back via an analogue circuit and that way retains the warmth of analogue, it's real, real close to the classic though.

The pedal has control over blend, time and repeats and comes with our 200ma power supply so it wont eat your batteries, this power supply works with all Boss and similar pedals.

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