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Butterworth Electronics

This pedal was inspired in part by the classic overdrive pedals we all know and love as well as by a swiss army knife. How do those mix? We figured out that by making a few changes we can get the tone of any of those classic overdrive pedals in one all-inclusive package. For any versatile musician, this pedal can cover your many different tonal needs just like the tools in a knife. With two rotary switches you select which input and output buffers you want for your overdrive. We have also included a 3-way switch in the gain stage, giving you diode clipping options of symmetrical, asymmetrical, or removal of the diodes from the circuit. We wanted to give you well over a hundred options to get each and every overdrive tone that you’ll need. With these full analog options as well as true bypass, what else could you want? We’re pretty happy with the results, but let us know if we missed something!

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