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Buffers + Effects Loops = Buffaloop

This clever name was derived from the combination of a dual effects loop pedal with individual buffers for each loop. This pedal uses a true bypass system for each loop that toggles a buffer to drive each chain. If you have more than 15 feet of signal with no active elements you need to turn the buffers on to retain your high end. Each Loop has an input buffer available to drive its chain and a final output buffer that has twice the current in order to drive longer cables or signals. Even though it is useful to have the buffers on all the time, you may want that non-buffered sound which is why we give you the option to turn each of them off. To top it all off, we developed one of the first fully mechanical and fully analog switching systems that lets you to choose which loop comes first. You can drive Loop A into Loop B or drive Loop B into Loop A to switch things up. You don't have to swap cables anymore; this pedal has you covered!

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