Glen Burton HM-80 Heavy Metal


Glen Burton

The Glen Burton Heavy Metal is the ultimate in heavy metal distortion pedals. With it's wide dynamic range and thundering bottom end, it is capable of producing rich and powerful drive and bass heavy distortion.

The Glen Burton Heavy Metal EP-HM80 effects pedal is built with dual gain circuitry and it's distortion range covers that insane vintage metal to pop sounds of neo-metal from the 70's. The individual controls let you adjust both the levels of distortion and it's tone characteristics.

All Glen Burton Pedals feature a solid metal gun style casing with a flat textured rubberized active pedal switch that was designed to be easily used if you play in bare feet.

  • Solid Metal Gunstyle casing
  • Flat Textured Rubberized Pedal Switch
  • 1/4” Output Jack
  • 1/4” Input Jack
  • Easy 9v Battery Access
  • Easy AC adapter Access
  • Middle Frequency Tone Control
  • High/Low Frequency Tone Control
  • Output Level Control
  • Distortion Sustain Control
  • Single LED Check Indicator
  • Rubberized non slip under footings
  • Input Impedence 1M ohms
  • Output Impedence 1K ohms
  • Recommended Load Impedance 10k ohms or above
  • Includes 9 volt DC Dry Battery
  • Can be used with a 300MA AC Adaptor not included

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