Glen Burton CH-70 Chorus


Glen Burton

The Glen Burton Superb Chorus EP-CH70 has the flavor and texture that will make your tone full and rich. The Superb Chorus is one of the most popular effects available.

This the quintessential effects pedal in the 2010 Glen Burton collection and bound to become a classic in it’s own right.

The Superb Chorus take you’re your single signal and multiplies it to enhance the tone and give the illusion of a multiple of instruments are being played. This pedal allows you to create a variety of sonic tones that is mellow yet complex.

The Superb Chorus is easy to master and is great for wide variety of guitars including acoustic electrics like the GA204CE Performer by Glen Burton.

Three Channels give you unbelievable control and a wide array tone possibilities. This pedal features a Signal Speed Control, a Signal Depth and a Signal Effect Level.

Chorus effects can be heard all types of music and is the one of used studio effect for a variety of applications. Chorus effects are commonly multiplied to create a rich yet subtle sound. Some musicians have connected 2 Superb Chorus pedals and created their own Forus Effect. Get creative, enhance your tone and playability with Glen Burton Effects Pedals.

The Glen Burton Superb Chorus is a tremendous addition to any pedal collection and is a primary pedal for every guitar player.

All Glen Burton Pedals feature a solid metal gun style casing with a flat textured rubberized active pedal switch that was designed to be easily used if you play in bare feet.

Follow the foot steps of legends and collect all 8 of the 2010 Glen Burton effects pedal line up.

  • Solid Metal Gunstyle casing
  • Flat Textured Rubberized Pedal Switch
  • 1/4” Output Jack
  • 1/4” Input Jack
  • Easy 9v Battery Access
  • Easy AC adapter Access
  • Output Level Control
  • Signal Speed Control
  • Signal Depth Control
  • Signal Effect Level Control
  • LED Check Indicator
  • Rubberized non slip under footings
  • Input Impedance 1M ohms
  • Output Impedance Over 10k ohms
  • Includes 9 volt DC Battery
  • Can be used with a 300MA AC Adaptor not included

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