Burriss Engineering Boostiest 2.5



Burriss Engineering 2012 Summer NAMM press release

Lexington, Kentucky – Burriss Amps introduces the Boostiest 2.5 – a new look for an old friend.

The Boostiest 2.5 updates the look and performance of Burriss Amps and Effects Pedals' most popular stomp box: the Boostiest II.

The Boostiest 2.5 is a combination of two totally independent gain pedals in a single enclosure. On the input side, is a fully adjustable gain pre-amp. On the output side, is a "TS" flavored overdrive circuit. "I believe the topography we use gives the best combination for a big clean tone and a fatter overdrive tone," says designer Bob Burriss. Another feature players will love about the new Boostiest 2.5 is the very attractive price point of only $174.99.

"We've wanted to bring the quality and versatility of the Boostiest II to a larger market and, through a new circuit configuration and simplified graphics, we're able to make that happen with the Boostiest 2.5," added Mr. Burriss.

Check out the Boostiest 2.5 at summer NAMM booth #1635.

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