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Burriss Engineering

Burriss Amps is proud to introduce the new Burriss Boostiest pedal! It's two pedals in one and is the final word in organic boosts/overdrives.

On the right is our pride and joy: the Burriss Boostier. The Boostier is our super transparent and tweakable clean boost circuit with enough power to kick your clean amp into some dirt (or into meltdown!), or to add some volume to rise above the mix during leads.

On the left is our new buttery smooth TS inspired overdrive made with high quality components (while staying true to its vintage roots). No need to send your green pedal to insert-faux-engineer-name-here for some so-called mod! Each channel can be used together or separate for maximum versatility. Time to use your $300 giant gold box as a paperweight...

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