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I noticed 2 of these pedals at the Burns booth at the Musikmesse (2009):

  • They're prototypes of a reissue of the Buzzaround, made by Gary Hurst. Gary Hurst is best known as the designer of the Tone Bender MkI, but he also designed a lot of keyboards for companies like Crumar, Elka, Imperial,... and pedals for his own company Electronic Sounds, which were also sold under the name CBS-Arbiter.
  • The prototype cases look like the Elka Dizzy Tone fuzz, but the final version will probably use the original housing.
    (but someone should use this enclosure too, it's cool!!!).


We are happy to announce the limited release of the worlds most mythical "Fuzz", the "BURNS BUZZ AROUND" based on rarity /limited production totals is one of the most desired effects, the unit is being produced under a strict licensing agrement with the original Burns Company and is a detailed replica to the original using a steel chasis, tag board circuit, new old stock germanium transistors, the look sound tone is identical to the original unit.

Full details - specifications as follow:

  • Burns Buzzaround
  • Limited Edition
  • Folded Steel Chasis
  • Grey Hammerite Finish (dark)
  • Tag Board Circuit
  • New old Stock NKT213 transistors
  • Controls Sustain, Balance & Timbre
  • Limited Edition Certificate Hand Signed by Barry Gibson (Burns director)
  • Limited Edition Packing Carton

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