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Guitarists and bassists use a lot of different effectpedals, analog as well as modern digital effects. Most of the effectpedals need 9V batteries, which are expensive and don't last long. An adapter is a common solution and a good alternative. However using several effectpedals together will result in a jumble of cables. Next to that a hum free adapter is expensive and may power only a few effectpedals. Although most pedals need 9V the number of pedals that use 12 or 18V and draw higher currents is increasing. For that reason you need special adapters.

BURKEY noticed these problems and invented a solution: one central powersupply that serves almost every effectpedal in the world.

The FLATLINER PRO is specially made for use on pedalboards. Compact, rugged and indestructable built to guarantee many, many years of carefree power. No (empty) batteries, no humming adapters with a tangle of cables on the floor. With our FLATLINER you have a well-organized and reliable setup ready for the wildest performances.

The FLATLINER features 9 completely isolated outputs, ready to power a large pedalboard. Voltages may vary from 3-24 V DC and the FLATLINER can even power 9/12 VAC pedals.

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