Tom Bugs has been running BugBrand since 2005, based in Bristol, England.

    Timeline (by Tom Bugs)

    June 2004 - first Weevil goes on Ebay
    April 2005 - official launch of BugBrand (through the UK's New Deal for Self-employment - got me off the dole)
    2005-2008 - lots of ongoing development & building - i.e. spending waaaay too much time playing with circuits.
    2006/7? - started making things 'modular' (synthy)
    2008? - realized I could get PCBs made for me
    2008 - BoardWeevils etc
    2009 - launched new website and revealed the production BugBrand Modular
    2010 - became a 'proper' LTD company, VAT registered (urgh) and moved out of the damp basement where BugBrand began


    Manufacturers: you can now submit your missing pedals. More info here.





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