Buffalo FX RH-X Rams Head - NOS BC239c


Very slightly tweaked version of the legendary Ram's head Big Muff featuring original BC239c Transistors. A bit more open top end and a touch more mids. Still very much a mid 70's muff.

Works best into a clean amp with some headroom.

  • 100% hand made
  • True Bypass
  • Selected NOS BC239c transistors
  • Top mounted input & output jacks
  • High quality construction and components, neutrik jacks, Vishay/Nichicon caps, metal film resistors, high quality power supply filtering & screened cabling for low noise operation.
  • Side mounted battery compartment
  • Low current ultrabrite Led
  • Requires 9v centre negative supply or 9v battery
  • Dimensions: L114.4 x W63.7 x H55.1mm

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