Buffalo FX 18V Power Booster


  • Gain
  • Level
  • Bass
  • Treble


Buffalo FX

Sonic replica of the original 18v Colorsound Powerboost. Used by Gilmour, T-Rex and found all over many 70's recordings.

This is unique to all other clones as it is fitted with a voltage doubler to give you the extra headroom of the earliest and original 18v Powerboost but still runs from a standard 9v supply

Even if your not chasing tones from days gone, with plenty of volume on tap it's a great pedal for pushing a tube amp. Can go from clean boost to full on fuzz with natural drive tones between. Great dynamics, good guitar volume roll off. Work's well with any setup.

  • 100% Handmade
  • True Bypass
  • Selected NOS BC184 & BC169 transistors as found in the 70's original.
  • Drive,level,bass & treble controls
  • Top mounted Jacks
  • High quality components, neutrik jacks, vishay /wima caps in signal path, screened cabling for low noise operation.
  • Side mounted battery compartment
  • Low current ultrabrite Led
  • Requires 9v centre negative power supply (boss style) or 9v battery
  • Dimensions: L114.4 x W63.7 x H55.1mm

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