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Budda (2006)

The Phatman dual 12ax7 pure vacuum tube overdrive pedal offers versatile gain adjustments, finely tuned tone controls and super sensitive distortion. We designed the Phatman to lay down no nonsense rhythm crunch tones for power chords in addition to full on blistering leads. The treble and bass controls are subtle in that they emphasize the cut and boost of the mids where girth occurs. The gain control offers a sweet overdrive that enhances the tonal characteristics of your amp, whether it be tube or solid state. Removing the two thumbscrews on top of the chassis easily accesses the preamp tubes. A fully functional preamp foot pedal that emulates the famous Budda sound, the Phatman is best be summed up by Joe Gores review in Guitar Player Magazine, "The Phatman is a tone fiends dream."

Artists and Producer friends of the Phatman: Sonny Landreth, Rich Robinson- Black Crowes, Lenny Kravitz, Lee Ritneur.

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