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The Budda wah is hands down one of the finest wah pedals ever made. At bass settings (heel cocked back), the tone is thick and honky without losing clarity of the note. Fully depressed, the highs have been rolled off to a frequency that isn't piercing like many wahs. The overall tone sweep concentrates on a tight and focused range with outstanding vocal like quality. We've incorporated a hard wire bypass so that the effect is completely out of the circuit when switched off. This allows your signal path to remain pure and in no way compromised like vintage style wahs. Our custom coil inductor is a modern and enhanced version of the original Italian Fazel inductor found in the 60's Cry Baby pedal. This enhances the voice like effect of the pedal and is the mojo behind our signature sound. Add a full ground plane board for noiseless operation and a newly designed beefed up switch and you will see why many of today's top professionals rely on Budda for their signature sound.

Artists and Producer friends of the Bud-Wah: Dave Navarro, Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Marc Ribot, Tim Mahoney- 311, Bernie Worrell- Parliament Funkadelic.

Budda about Mk2

The Budwah™ is one of the most sought-after wah-wah pedals ever made, designed with tightly focused tone sweep and an outstanding vocal-like quality. At bass settings (heel rocked back), the Budwah tone is thick and honky without losing clarity of the note. When fully depressed, the highs roll off to a frequency that isn't piercing like many other wahs.


myFXDB user reviews

3 reviews, average score of 8.83 / 10

2018-03-09Mid 90s pre-Peavy7.5/10  Great dynamic range & built great, except.... Top rubber foot mat fell off within the 1st year of use
2014-05-23V2 (shiny metal one)9/10  Robust, smooth action, no spikey trebble frequenciesMassive so takes a lot of board space
2014-01-19V210/10  ......

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