Brunetti Burning Box



Burning Box is the new Brunetti high- gain distortion stomp box. It is intended to deliver gain and distortion levels to the utmost. It is endowed with “FET” technology to reproduce tubes behaviour and dynamics as faithfully as possibile. Burning Box is pure force, devoted to more extreme and aggressive sounds, it goes beyond limits, it is pure power set free! Despite the unbelievable violence of its distortion, controls are effective and designed to mould the timbre according to your style and the instrument connected…and to limit the damage! This small box contains all tube amplifier power driven to the peak: that is the wild compressed distortion nearly unrestrainable! Marco Brunetti designed the Burning Box to meet musicians requirements, for those who expect the utmost and look for extreme situations. This stomp is dedicated to people who are never satisfied with what their amplifier could offer. Every single note will appear to roar, every single riff will have explosive bass and burning high! There are no half measures with your Burning Box!

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