Brotech Electronics Fatpipe Blues


  • Low
  • Mid
  • High
  • Boost
  • Level
  • Drive
  • Boost (footswitch)
  • Distortion (footswitch)


Brotech Electronics

The Fatpipe Blues Distortion Pedal lets you get the exact sound you want for a great blues tone! It has less full range Distortion, with more subtle control than our Fatpipe Pro or Deluxe versions. Designed for serious Blues musicians who care about every sonic detail, it features separate Boost and Distortion switches, a Three Band Equalizer, Gain and Level controls for the distortion, plus a separate Boost control.

Kick in the custom designed Distortion, and in combination with the active EQ, you can dial in everything from peaky midrange-wah tones, to thick lead hues, and more! The independent Boost circuit lets your solos cut through any band mix. In Boost mode alone, you get a very clean volume boost, for those non-distorted articulated solos which need to stand out.

The Fatpipe Blues is built rugged for professional use. The electronics are encased in a solid cast aluminum chassis, with a durable black powder coat finish, measuring 4.70 x 3.70 x 1.26inch.

The advanced electrical design uses sophisticated miniature surface-mount components to pack all the functionality of this pedal into one compact box!

The Fatpipe Blues comes with Tru-Bypass Mechanical switching. Sample one for yourself at your local dealer, or visit us on the Web and sample the sonic possibilities with Fatpipe Blues!

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