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The Missing Link MkII allows simultaneous use of the DI section and the re-amping section. Through provision of a single dual function level control, the gain of the DI is matched by the attenuation of the re-amp. This functionality is perfect for using the Missing Link MkII to translate instrument level signals to line level for including line level outboard processors in guitar effect setups. Due to its unique single level control, the line level signal from an outboard processor is then returned to exactly the original instrument level for connection to traditional guitar pedals or amplifiers. The opposite application is also possible allowing instrument level devices, guitar pedals, old unbalanced tape echos etc to be easily integrated into console or DAW based effects sends and returns.

The DI offers a true high impedance input suitable for electric guitar and bass and is also suitable for use with effect pedal outputs, keyboards and other unbalanced instrument sources.

Counterclockwise rotation of the control knob increases the gain of the DI. For DI operation connection of a 12-16V AC or DC plug pack is required.The re-amp converts a balanced line level source, such as the output from a console or DAW D-A converter into an unbalanced instrument level signal suitable for connection to a guitar amplifier or guitar effect pedals. Clockwise rotation of the control knob increases the output level of the re-amp.

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