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Brimstone Audio

The Ouroboros is another 'first-of-its-kind' pedal effect from Brimstone Audio. Bass and treble frequencies aren't the same - so why treat them the same? Now you can effect your high and low frequencies independently of one another. Multi-band signal effecting opens up new possibilities for the creative pedal user, and it works with all of your favorite pedals.

The Ouroboros is two independent effects loops with a variable crossover and a mixer. The crossover splits your signal into low and high frequencies (just like the Crossover Distortion) and routs each to its own effects loop. You can then add any effect to only the high band, or only the low band. You can bypass each loop independently, or the entire unit at once. 'Mix' and 'Master' controls let you balance the volume between the two bands, and a 'Dry/Wet' control allows you to blend in your unaffected signal. Each loop has its own 'Send Level' control to control the amount of signal flowing to your pedals. A 3-way mode switch allows access to series (two fx loops one after the other) or parallel (two fx loops blended together) configurations.

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