Brimstone Audio XD-1 Crossover Distortion


  • Mix
  • X Freq
  • Master

Low Band

  • Gain
  • Boost
  • Thump
  • Filter

High Band

  • Gain
  • Boost
  • Mid
  • Treble
  • On/Off (footswitch)
  • Boost (footswitch)


Brimstone Audio

The magic of layered guitar no longer requires two amps or a recording studio. Using a variable crossover to split your signal into a high band and a low band, and then routing each band to separate mosfet overdrive preamps, this pedal virtually eliminates unwanted intermodulation distortion, creating an overdriven tone with unprecedented clarity.  Enjoy the sound of uncompressed high gain with increased response to picking dynamics.  You choose how much signal goes to each preamp, and you choose two (foot switchable) gain levels for each.  These features, combined with two unique sets of tone controls, unlock sonic possibilities previously reserved only for the mixing room.  The tools to create the tone you have been trying to find are here.

The Crossover Distortion is 100% analog.  100% built in California, U.S.A. using the highest quality parts.

Brimstone Audio

This 100% analog pedal is proudly made in California, U.S.A.  Here’s what’s inside: two independent gain circuits, a continuously variable crossover, and a discreet mixer.  The input signal is divided at the specified crossover frequency, sending the high frequencies to one gain circuit, and the low frequencies to the other.  The highs and lows can then be treated (or mistreated) separately, with their own gain and uniquely designed EQ controls.  The mixer section then recombines the signals prior to output, with ‘Mix’ and ‘Master’ controls to set the volume levels.  

This combination of circuits allows you to do the following:

  • create a tone with any amount of gain while eliminating intermodulation distortion
  • create a tone with cleaner hi’s and dirtier low’s, and vice-versa
  • simulate a multi-amplifier live setup
  • simulate a multi-track, layered studio sound
  • use as a high pass or low-pass filter
  • create virtually any distortion tone you can imagine

XD-1 Features:

  • dual mosfet overdive preamps
  • continuously variable crossover - independent gain and EQ for high and low frequencies
  • high/low gain switch
  • standard 9v DC adapter or battery
  • boost switch for additional gain
  • thump control for low end resonance
  • rugged 18g steel chassis
  • 100% analog
  • 100% made in California, U.S.A.

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