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A Little later than hoped we introduce, what we think is, the definitive overdrive unit. Designed in the BRICKTONE labs and taking as a well known effect as the starting point we hope you find one of the most polyvalent overdrive pedals available within the Dr. Screamer and we are sure it will find its own place in everybody´s pedalboard.

It´s a low/medium gain overdrive in the most classic style, emulating the sound of the mythical TS808 when the switches are set in the “stock” position. In our attempt of not turning our pedals into mere clones, as many brands do, we decided to introduce some mods so that you can enjoy the most vintage sound you could find in the 80´s units, along with hand labour, the best components available in order to avoid undesirable noise and True Bypass technology.

It is well known the treble character of the TS, which works great in some band situations (tell SRV fans the other way!), but many occasional players or “one-man-bands” might find this a little too much. The other issue that it´s been talked about over and over all around the world is that the original unit lacks a little bit of gain in some situations. The “Dr. Screamer” has two switches that will allow the player to modify these characteristics independently, getting more bass or gain into your amplified signal, or playing with the “stock” sound.

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