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The 'Woodstock' is my take on the classic silicon fuzz face in which Jimi used at Woodstock in 1969. The fuzz face was originally made by Arbiter electronics in 1966. The circuit has been tuned for a brighter tone and until it sounded just great and I was happy with it. I use a simple design & a neat layout on NOS tagstrip construction for direct mount of components. The 'Woodstock' uses a genuine pair of NOS Mullard/GEC/TI* silicon transistors which have been especially matched and tested for the perfect gains necessary which really puts this stomp in a class of its own with superb sustain and tonal output. It interacts great with your guitar volume control and cleans up extremely well by backing off a little to give a cleaner rhythm output. For soaring solos and ultimate sustain just max it out and play. Put it next in line to a univibe type of pedal hooked up for instant 'Machine gun' or 'Star spangled banner'.....

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