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The Tonemaster MK2 is my recreation of the highly regarded Sola Sound tone bender MK2 professional from 1966. It was used by many guitarists such as Pete Townsend, Eric Clapton during his days with Cream, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page throughout his career, so it certainly has a great pedigree. But as far as delivery of amazing fuzz tone and sustain, the Tonemaster is unbeatable and really is a phenomenal sounding fuzz pedal. I took the original circuit schematic from 1966 and spent some time tuning & tweaking it until It sounded even better plus an added biasing trimmer. Powered by a PP3 9v battery or standard power brick, it uses three NOS Mullard Germanium transistors that have been specially selected & tested for gain and leakage. The Mullard transistors give it a different voicing and tone to the Fuzz Face, which was of course hugely popular at the same time due to Jimi Hendrix, who was busy re-writing the book on great guitar tone and how to use it to devastating effect. I personally find that these Mullard Germanium transistors are very 'organic' sounding and there really is something special about these British made beauties!!. So how does it sound? The tone is unique and phenomenal, and some say very tube sounding, but it's not too harsh and a very smooth sounding tone. Crank one of these through a tube amp for instant 'whole lotta love'. Even with the ‘attack’ control turned right up it to maximum, it will push your amp into overdrive and give it a superb and unbeatable sustain that goes on and on, with lush overtones and harmonics. In fact, it sounds like the perfect cross between fuzz and a distortion pedal in many applications. 

Features include:

  • NOS vintage 'Mushroom' control knobs

  • Durable custom powder coated finish in Antique Copper Bronze

  • Stainless Steel etched control panel

  • Vero stripboard construction

  • Allen Bradley carbon composite resistors

  • High-quality hardware, switching & capacitors

  • NOS 1960's Mullard OC84 metal can transistors

  • Operates on a 9v battery or center negative power supply @100mA +

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