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Brantone Electronics

At some time in 1966 a new an improved Tone Bender arrived on the market. This is the rare version we all know of as the MKI.5. This was a new design and different in a few ways to the MKI both in appearance and construction. My version is based on the MK1.5 circuit but has been modified and tweaked for the best sonic qualities possible. It uses two NOS 1960's Mullard OC75 matched & tested germanium transistors which were commonly used in the original unit, has a very neat tagboard circuit layout design, housed in a Hammond 1590BB enclosure and custom powder coated in a 'Bullion' gold finish. The sound and tone from this pedal is verging on insanity and on maximum sounds as if your amp is about to blow up, with a colossal wall of thick fuzz which will send your tube amp into maximum overdrive. It's voiced differently to the MK2 I make and has the nasal tone of a cocked wah wah and find it a bit more aggressive and less smooth than the MK2. With a Les Paul cranked into a tube amp with one of these you get an instant Mick Ronson tone and a sound identical to early Jimmy Page on the first Zep album. With a bit of careful tweaking of the controls, there are many different settings that bring out the best in this model of fuzz pedal.

 Features Include

  • Hammond 1590BB enclosure

  • Durable 'Bullion' gold powder coated finish

  • Tag-board circuit construction

  • Allen Bradley carbon composite resistors

  • Heavy duty Carling footswitch

  • Stainless steel control panel

  • Premium quality Vishay capacitors, hardware, Neutrik jacks & Alpha potentiometers

  • NOS 1960's Mullard Black Glass OC75 matched and tested transistors for required gains necessary.

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