Boss VT-1 Voice Transformer


  • User/Preset
    selects the bank of user settings or preset settings
  • 1/2/3/4
    selects the number of a stored setting in the selected bank
  • Write
    to store a setting
  • Robot
    turns your voice into a robot voice
  • Pitch
    changes the pitch of your voice
  • Formant
    changes the frequency characteristics of your voice
  • Mix Balance
    crossfades between clean input signal and effected signal


Actually not a vocoder (so in the wrong category) as you only send your voice through it, but it's a cool effect :)


The VT-1 is a unique device designed for altering and effecting the human voice or any other audio signal. The VT-1 is ideal for DJ's, karaoke, broadcasting and even home video for adding special vocal effects. The VT-1 can provide everything from a slight detuning, for voice "thickening," to a full +/-1 octave pitch shift, allowing users to convincingly change their vocal gender. Unlike tape speed adjustments or conventional pitch shifters, the VT-1 affords separate control of pitch and formant, so the user's voice can be altered without the "chipmunk" effect. There is also a feature specifically designed to produce robot-like talking.

  • Alters voice, creating new sounds for a variety of applications
  • Large sliders control pitch, formant, effect balance and built-in digital reverb
  • Four Preset memory locations, four User memory locations
  • Special "robot" feature for vocoder like effect
  • +/-1 octave pitch shift capabilities

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