Boss OC-20G Poly Octave


    • Acoustic
      • Hard
      • Medium
      • Soft
    • Electric
      • Rear S
      • Rear H
      • Front H
    String Select
    • All
    • 2-6
    • 3-6
    • 4-6
    • 5-6
    • 6
    Octave Levelcontrols the volume of the octave signal
    GK Level?
    DistortionDistortioncontrols the amount of distortion
    Distortion Levelcontrols the volume of the distorted signal
    Tonecontrols the tone of the distorted signal



The BOSS OC-20G Poly Octave represents a major breakthrough in guitar pedal technology. With its 13-pin GK Pickup inputs, this compact "GK Effect" Pedal can process each guitar string individually, yielding amazing polyphonic octave capabilities far beyond any effects pedals in history.

  • World's first polyphonic octave pedal for use with GK-equipped guitars
  • Octaves can be assigned to different strings for simulated guitar/bass combos
  • Onboard electric and acoustic guitar simulations, plus Distortion effect
  • Accommodates playing chords while using octaves
  • Rugged, dual-pedal design with simple, knob-based controls

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