Boss TU-15 Chromatic Tuner


Boss USA

The BOSS TU-15 Chromatic Tuner gives guitarists the most accurate tuning possible—bolstered by new Accu-Pitch and Octave Adjust functions—plus popular Drop D, open and flat tunings. A backlit needle and LCD make tuning easy, while improved high-impedance inputs let you connect between an amp and guitar without signal loss.

  • Accu-Pitch verifies intonation by sounding a note when correct tuning is reached
  • Versatile modes: Drop D, Open D/E/G/A, DADGAD and flat tunings up to 5 semitones
  • World's first Octave Adjust function simplifies tuning using open string and 12th fret
  • High impedance input keeps tuner transparent when connected between guitar and amp
  • Backlit needle and LCD let guitarists tune up anywhere

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