Boss DB-88 Talking Dr. Beat


Boss USA

The flagship BOSS DB-88 Dr. Beat digital metronome incorporates enhanced memory and beat-combination functions to set a new standard in professional electronic metronomes. It's the world's first "talking" metronome.

  • Flagship BOSS metronome memorizes tempo, beat and rhythm level settings
  • Offers click sounds plus a human voice count (one, two, three ...)
  • Time signatures up to 15 beats per measure
  • Large alpha dial and custom LCD provide easy user interface
  • Independent, slider-based control of desired note volume (quarter note, eighth note, sixteenth note, thirty-second note, eighth-note triplet)
  • Tap function allows for finger tapping tempo (BPM)
  • Reference tone allows for instrument tuning
  • Convenient screw threads let users mount DB-88 onto drum hardware and stands
  • Input jack and two headphone jacks

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