Boss RV-3 Digital Reverb/Delay


  • Balance
  • Tone
  • R.Time
  • Mode


Boss USA

The RV-3 is a popular professional-quality pedal that can produce reverb, delay or both. It offers four different high-density reverb modes plus three delay modes offering delay times up to 2,000ms.

  • Combination digital reverb and delay pedal with studio quality sound
  • Offers 4 reverb modes and 3 delay modes with delay time up to 2,000ms
  • 4 modes for a simultaneous delay (32 to 1,000ms) and reverb effect using Room 1/2, Hall and Plate reverb types
  • Intuitive control via Balance, Tone, Reverb Time and Mode knobs
  • Mono input and Stereo outputs


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