Boss OC-2 Octave



  • Octave 1
    controls the volume of the signal 1 octave below the input signal
  • Octave 2
    controls the volume of the signal 2 octaves below the input signal
  • Direct Level
    controls the volume of the direct signal



Three separate tones are reproduced by the OC-2-the original tone, a second tone one octave below the original, and a third tone two octaves below the original. With just a single guitar, you can obtain sounds three octaves thick, and each part has a separate volume control. The OC-2 features natural, clear octave sounds with stable pitch even for staccato picking sounds.

Boss USA

The OC-2 Octave pedal lets users fatten up their sound by adding two additional tones--one and two octaves below the original note. Each tone has a separate volume control and plays back with outstanding clarity.

  • Compact octave pedal that produces tones one or two octaves below the original note--or both
  • Separate OCT 1 and OCT 2 controls, as well as Direct Level control for exact tonal shaping
  • A classic effect for guitar and bass




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2015-08-238/10  ONe of the first FX I ever owned for Bass...

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