Boss FT-2 Dynamic Filter


  • Sens (Min-Max)
    Controls how the envelope filter responds to the input signal.
  • Cutoff Freq. (Lo-Hi)
    Controls the frequency of the filter.
  • Q (Min-Max)
    Controls the amplitude of the filter sweep (?)
  • Mode
    (Man/EXT / Dynamic Up/Down)
    Man/EXT mode disables the envelope filter, when you plug in a control pedal in the EXT connector, you can use that control pedal as a wah pedal.
    In Dynamic Up mode this effect is an envelope filter with an upward envelope.
    In Dynamic Down mode this effect is an envelope filter with a downward envelope.


Produced from October 1986 to March 1989

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  • Current Draw
    16mA (9V DC)
  • Residual Noise
    -85dBm (IHF-A)
  • Input Impedance
  • Output Load Impedance
    Over 10kOhm
  • Dimensions
    70 (W) x 125 (D) x 55 (H) mm
  • Weight


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