Boss CS-3 Compression Sustainer


  • Level
  • Tone
  • Attack
  • Sustain


Boss USA

The CS-3 Compression Sustainer pedal compresses louder signals while boosting lower signals, providing smooth sustain without degrading the original sound quality. This is the perfect pedal for guitarists and bassists who want to sound their best.

  • Compact compression/sustainer pedal with high-quality circuitry
  • Compresses loud signals and boosts softer signals for a smooth overall sound
  • Onboard Level, Tone, Attack and Sustain controls for precise tonal shaping
  • Low-noise design for super-quiet operation




myFXDB user reviews

8 reviews, average score of 5.56 / 10

2018-03-105/10  ......
2017-10-127/10  ......
2016-03-158/10  ......
2015-12-124.5/10  the most busted up used pedal i've ever seen, still worked fine though. compression just doesn't make enough of an impression on me for meto keep it in the chain. i understand that it makes loud things quieter and quieter things louder somehow, i guess it just doesn't fit with
2015-04-104.5/10  ......
2014-06-226.5/10  ......
2014-05-186/10  ......
2013-09-12Pedaldoc modded3/10  Intense compression, Boss construction Too squishy for most applications, stock unit is very noisy, tone control would be better as a tilting eq

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