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"JAZZ FUZZ". You may think it is a fuzz pedal for jazz musicians, but this "JAZZ" means "exciting" as its original meaning. At first we started this development for electric bass players who want clearness of mid and low tone, but we changed the design concept to answer also to the strong requests of many guitarists who were looking for easy-to-control fuzz. Now we have completed a "practical" fuzz pedal for both guitarists and bass players. Usually it is difficult to control fuzz pedals because they have no smooth control curves. JZF-1.0 has solved this problem and realized delicate adjustment like distortion pedals.

You can call JZF-1.0 a new standard fuzz. Especially the beautiful sound of the 2nd and 3rd strings double bending is what you can't get with overdrive or distortion pedals.

The brand new "VINTAGE" control knob is another new feature! It is not an ordinal tone cut knob, but a new effect to emulate the vintage fuzz sound which was created with 60's or 70's guitars and amplifiers. You can get from metallic fuzz sound to very fat fuzz sound.

You can get pretty good sound even at all-zero setting. You can use it as a booster, too. Its beyond-description fat sound will surprise you. This JZF-1.0 is an ultimate easy-to-use fuzz.

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