Boot-Leg JBK-1.0 Jaw Breaker


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Boot-Leg Hand Made Effectors

Heavy bottom. Rich harmonics. High tone which is not too peaky. JBK-1.0 is what all guitarists have been waiting for. In today's music scenes, players are often required to make all kinds of sound with given amplifiers. JBK-1.0 will help you in such situations.

It covers quite wide range from soft and delicate crunchy overdrive to rock-crushing hard overdrive. Set it as a hard driver with a clean setting amp. Set it as a clear booster with a overdrive setting amp. You will feel sharp sound coming out of the P.A. system at your body.

Today it is naturally required for professional guitarists to control the color of sound with adjusting the guitar volume. You are lucky! With this JBK-1.0 you feel as if you were controlling the distortion directly with your guitar volume.

Try it in loud, anyway. You can get the chopping sound even with a clean amp. You can also adjust the "HEAVY" knob to change that chopping feeling.

This new lineup of Boot-Leg, JBK-1.0 can be used as an amp simulator. This is a big news!

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