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Boot-Leg Hand Made Effectors

HZM-1.2 is designed to get much richer sound and longer sustain, succeeding the luxury spec of its original model HZM-10.

As well as HZM-1.0, the main drive circuit is consist of two sub circuits serially connected, which has a different character of sound each. Still more, HZM-1.2 adopted high quality CAN IC packages to realize much less noise and clearer hi-fi sound.

The big difference from HZM-1.0 is that HZM-1.2 has the soft but rich distortion created by germanium materials, as well as that solid distortion HZM-1.0 had. HZM-1.2 is the alternative for those who feel modern distortion pedals are too violent. Enjoy all the sound from dry overdrive to comfortable vintage distortion!

Other germanium pedals might suffer from the "rich and long, but low output" problem. But HZM-1.2 has solved this problem by special high output design.

It is recommended to buy both HZM-1.0 and HZM-1.2, and use one according to situations. You could rely on them!

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