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Boot-Leg Hand Made Effectors

HZM-1.0 is designed to be used mainly with a clean setting amplifier.

The main drive circuit is consist of two sub circuits serially connected, which has different character of sound each.

When you play with a clean amp, you often need a rich distortion created by two effects, but end up having a big trouble to kick on each of them on stage.

HZM-1.0 will solve your trouble. You need only one kick to get it! What's more, you can control those two distortion circuits simultaneously with the same control knob to get from very modest and soft overdrive to body blow distortion.

HZM-1.0 gives enough richness and sustain to your tone without losing good balance of output signal of each string. You can hear every code tone clearly even at maximum setting.

Besides, the "RANGE" knob enables you to control the peak frequency. This helps to emphasize the difference of body material or the character of pickup.

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