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Boot-Leg Hand Made Effectors

GHP-1.0 is designed to adjust the amp gain or the body sound which is easily affected by weather conditions, and so modest setting will give you the best effect.

This "Gain Helper" can be used in any situations. You can get rich overdrive sounds simply by itself, or you can maximize the performance of your guitar material and pickups with using it as a secret flavor.

The sound is just between fuzz and overdrive, like the speaker corn making "Biri-Biri" sound when you give the boost gain into the amp input. It's easy to adjust the sound color, because the distortion ratio is controlled to be modest.

The innovative circuit design doesn't rely on so-called the diode clipper. You are free from high-drop or low-drop to get all sounds from a complete clear tone to a comfortable crunch.

When you play in clear tone, add bright taste controlling your pickup signal itself. When you play in drive tone, add richness and sustain.

Although picking technique is required, as "Gain Helper" has its name, it will help all the gain for all types of music, such as blues, jazz, fusion, hard rock, etc.

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