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DSP-1.0 introduces completely new original sound which nobody has experienced.

This sound is generated not by changing the volume like the tremolo pedal but by switching the output "on/off". You can change the switching period at any length from very long to very short.

DSP-1.0 is not necessarily only for guitars and basses, but also for keyboards, vocals, or audio signals. So you can use it as a D.J. effect. Besides, with its extra output, you can pan the switched sound alternately into two amplifiers.

To maximize the effect of this stereo panning technique, it is designed so that the output signal comes out of only one main amp during effect off, and suddenly becomes stereo when you kick it on!

You can use it to get mono drill sound, or might want to add another effect, for example delay to one of the stereo outputs, to create more dimensional sound.

It's like a web of sound! Now DSP-1.0 is yours.

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