Boot-Leg DBX-1.0 Deep Box


  • Volume
  • Super Low
  • High Mid


Boot-Leg Hand Made Effectors

DBX-1.0 is a new type of effect for both electric guitars and basses. The biggest feature is that it has two brand new controls, "SUPER LOW" which controls super-low frequency band that no former compact pedals were able to express, and "HIGH MID" which naturally enhances mid frequency range that is most important for string instruments. With these two new controls you can dramatically change your sound.

Because DBX-1.0 is capable of various connections, your ideas will create plenty of new sounds. For example,when you connect it directly to a MTR or a hard disk recorder, it works as an amp simulator or equalizer for the final track down.

You might want to connect it between the SEND/RETURN connectors of your amp to naturally control the pre-amp sound. When you want heavier sound with your guitar pre-amp, connect to a speaker box for a bass amp. This connection maximizes the power of DBX-1.0.

Of course, normal setting works well, too. For example, you can easily emulate the active pickup sound with a passive pickup bass.

Rely on one box for one job. Now Boot-Leg's new "magic box" has debut.

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