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Once we produced the "Cool Man - limited edition", that was an epoch-making pedal which was able to create very wide range of various sound from the mid suspended Wah or the phase shift sound.

Because we made only 100 of them at that time, it has been a very rare item. Now it has come back as a Boot-Leg's new lineup, responding to many guitarists' requests.

This edition has a new "MASTER" control. In addition to the mid-range boost which is one of the most popular effect of COM-2.0, this new knob enables to add some "colors" to the source signal.

As a result, we have accomplished to make COM-2.0 much more suitable also for many types of pickups, electric basses, acoustic guitars and keyboards.

Because we designed it with the same concept "Cover all frequency ranges from super-low to super-high" as the former limited edition, although the approach is slightly different, COM-2.0 will be a good partner for both those who are familiar with the limited edition and those who are new to use it.

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