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Our Tremolo Pedal will be a great addition to your effect pedal board for guitar, bass, Rhodes or other musical instrument.

This Tremolo Pedal has an amazingly warm tone. The controls allow the user to dial in a large variety of settings from a mild swell to a very choppy tremolo. Great for bringing in some 'vintage' vibes into your tone. Or can be used as a very cool effect together with distortion.

  • All discrete circuitry.
  • Features another high quality Mosfet pre-amp, similar to our boost pedal.
  • Preamp volume is adjustable from mute to a gain of 20+ db so you can set your effect level accurately! Use your tremolo without volume loss!
  • This pedal is another piece of art, hand made in England to highest specifications as all other BOO instruments.
  • Runs of a 9v battery or a DC negative tip power supply. Use of a dedicated guitar supply with sufficient filtering is highly recommended for the cleanest tone. The pedal does NOT come with the supply or batteries.
  • True bypass as standard, no degradation to your tone when not in use.
  • Enclosure is a specially finished metal type, very solid.

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