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Boo Instruments

Take a Chorus out of the most desirable chorus amplifier ever made, ie the Jazz Chorus JC-160 (or JC-120) and put it into a stomp box! And what you get is the Boo Instruments Chorus CE-2.

We added a touch of Boo to it by improving the components to use the best quality brands and give you an audiphile quality sound in your guitar pedal with the benefit of true bypass!

This hugely complex circuit has been constructed with top quality metal film resistors, original panasonic chips to give you the most lush chorus sound you can imagine.

It also features special custom made quality potentiometers specifically designed by Boo Instruments to the highest audiophile standards.

The result is an ultra quiet, most lush authentic analog boutique chorus available anywhere.

All other circuitry is discrete.

The robust metal enclosure has been specially finished by hand and has the writing engraved.

Features a pink led to show when the effect is on and you can also get an optional light up lid as seen in the photos.

Note that the stock model comes without the light up lid and that the front logo is also optional at our discretion.

Runs from a negative center DC9V power supply.


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2016-11-178/10  Best CE-2 clone I've triedcould use a little more depth

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