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Our Boost Pedal a.k.a. Booster is suitable for boosting the volume of your guitar or other musical instrument whether it is for a solo, driving a tube amp hotter, or bringing back the lost volume of other effect pedals without changing the original sound of your guitar.

  • Best quality components are used throughout.
  • Hand made in England to highest standards.
  • All discrete circuitry with true bypass and mosfet transistor for the amplifier.
  • Produces very natural clean sound with up to 28db of gain.
  • Uses standard 9v battery (PP3) or a DC power supply (negative tip) between 9v to 18v. (For even more clean headroom) Use of a dedicated guitar supply with sufficient filtering is highly recommended for the cleanest tone. The supply is sold separately and please contact us for details.
  • Enclosure is a specially finished metal type, very solid and robust. Now available with the OPTIONAL light up lid.
  • Writing engraved so little chance of it coming off, pedal will stay looking new for years to come! Please note that the front engraving is done purely at our discretion, the stock pedal comes with the blank front.
  • Suitable for electric, acoustic, bass guitars, rhodes and many other instruments requiring clean boost or volume gain.
  • This boost pedal will also allow you to play your Rhodes at lower volume but still get an amazing driven sound from your guitar amp as you can boost the normally low gain pickups. Great for dialing in the vintage tones!
  • Frequency spectrum is flat from 30hz to 20khz.

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