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Bomes Electric

With Sir-Gains-A-Lot in your arsenal you can achieve anything from medium drive to fat, low end heavy, sustaining, high gain tone. The best part is that it is all achievable at unity volume. What this means is that your amp can be set to its clean tone and when Sir-Gains-A-Lot is engaged, you can have a thick high gain tone at the same exact volume level as your clean tone.

You may ask, ”Whats makes Sir-Gains-A-Lot different?” Well, with overdrive pedals it is all about the relationship between the pedal and the amp. The relationship is about the pedal pushing the front end of the amp to get that big overdrive tone. This also comes with a boost in volume level which is good when you want to be louder, but louder isn't always what is needed.

The relationship between Sir-Gains-A-Lot and the amp is a lot different. To explain it easily, it is like Sir-Gains-A-Lot is the overdrive pedal and the first stage of an amp in one box. So in essence Sir-Gains-A-Lot overdrives itself then you can turn down the volume level to unity gain and send that to the amp.

This pedal can only be powered by an external 9VDC source where the inside pin is negative. It has no 9V battery plug inside. This pedal DOES NOT come with a power supply.

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