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Bomes Electric

Are you tired of overdrive pedals thinning or over coloring your tone?  Are you searching for a pedal that keeps your tone big like a cranked amp?..  Then your search is over.  The BomesElectric BAT is here.  The BAT is an Overdrive/Gain Boost pedal with Vol, Tone, Gain and a 6 way Bass selector switch.  It has two push button switches, one for bypass and the other toggles between overdrive and gain boost.  The tone of the BAT is warm and thick and will please those looking for a pedal that will keep your tone big.  This pedal is designed to deliver everything from mellow to pushed overdrive tones.  The bass selector rotary switch determines how thick and distorted the low end will be.  This pedal will go from mellow overdrive tones to focused solo or flabby distorted low end tones depending on where you put the bass selector switch.  I made the BAT because I wanted a pedal that kept my tone open like going into a cranked amp instead of filtered and narrow like a lot of other OD/Distortion pedals that I have owned over the years.  You just need to mess with the pedal and see how it can fulfill all your overdrive needs.

This pedal can only be powered by an external 9V source. It has no 9V battery plug inside.

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